We Shop Canadian is more than a commercial platform. It is a social project founded on essential values and lead by Kym Parent, a young French Canadian entrepreneur now based in Toronto.

It is at the Université Sainte-Anne in Nova Scotia that she obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration and International Commerce Degree. Since that time, she has elaborated entrepreneurial projects with the aim of producing a positive socio-economic impact on the communities wherein they are developed.

Having travelled coast to coast within Canada, Kym wanted to put her training and expertise to good use, with a view to giving Canadian creators and entrepreneurs the visibility they deserve by creating a self-sufficient platform to counter other high-priced online sales platforms.

How does the platform work?

Use of the platform is free of charge. When you make a sale, 3 % of the commission is deducted by administrators and is wholly reinvested in publicity, marketing and customer and salesperson service.

To sum up, the more sellers use the platform, the more visible they become. In short, by selling on weshopcanadian.com, Canadian entrepreneurs are helping one another.

It is in fact the basis of our values: the importance of community!

Our desire is to change Canadian purchasing habits and encourage buying locally in order to make their talents known HERE.

We want to create a community of entrepreneurs who help one another.

Why choose to buy Canadian in this era of commercial globalization?

On a cultural level, globalization has many positive aspects: we now have a fuller understanding of other cultures than has ever been possible in the history of humankind.

On a commercial level, however, internationalization has opened the door to exploitation of many people and closed the door to local entrepreneurs and workers who cannot compete with cheap labour.

Buying Canadian is therefore a CHOICE that you as a consumer can make beginning now to encourage Canadian economy and to contribute to maintaining or creating jobs HERE.

The following are just a few economic facts which may convince you that buying Canadian is an intelligent and fair choice, from which you will benefit in the long run:

* Every dollar spent locally re-circulates in other local businesses, thus creating $ 7 in local economic activity. How? Money earned by craftspeople or employees is spent for example on lodging, food, gas, restaurants, entertainment, car and house repairs and clothing, etc1

* Foreign businesses present in Canada do not re-invest the entirety of their revenue in local economy. They often have several sectors of activity developed in other countries, thereby minimizing the amount of income tax paid provincially and federally.

* An increase in local economic activity kindles more collective interest, thus creating better local services and establishments and improving fundamental values.

* Taxes paid by small businesses are significantly higher than those paid by large businesses. Consequently, supporting small businesses increases the government’s ability to improve public services.

* By spending at a local business you also increase employment opportunities in the country. For example, if only 1 % of total consumer spending in British Columbia were shifted to local businesses each year, this would represent 3 100 more jobs for this province, equivalent to 94 million dollars in annual wages for workers. Now imagine this nationwide2 !

On a human level, buying Canadian is a great value with a high personal return:

* You are participating in the preservation of the identity and of the various cultures that make Canada what it is and you are encouraging craftspeople and businesses who make a living off their talent.

* Often what you are buying is made in smaller quantities than in multinationals or large chain stores. You are thus assured of not owning the same thing as everyone else. By standing out you are contributing to making local creators shine.

* You are often buying higher quality products than those sold in large chains at prices that are not necessarily higher. Actually, when reflecting on time spent on design, choice of raw materials and quality of the creation, one cannot compare with industrial Asian creations…

* You know where your purchase comes from; you often have better after-sales service, as the seller is far more accessible.

* You have the guarantee that your product was designed by well paid employees and that you are in no way supporting any form of exploitation.

* You can rest assured that the manufacturing of the product complies with Canadian laws in terms of environmental or animal protection.

* You are supporting a new, more humane and healthier, economic model … especially when you buy hand-made products: you are encouraging someone to do what they love and not a society bent on making a profit at all costs.

Would you like to participate in a more balanced economic system that rewards talent, creativity, initiative and that supports local craftsmanship? Start shopping now.

You are a Canadian craftsman or creator? Take a few minutes to sign up here to sell your products and create your store.

For enquiries, contact us here.

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