We Shop Canadian have been created on a self-efficient model. The success of the platform depends of the success of every vendors.


You DON’T need to enter any BANK INFORMATION. You only need a PAYPAL ADDRESS.

Vendors are paid Daily.

In 2018, Paypal deactivated is adaptive payment which allow platforms to directly pay they vendors. We will pay our vendors daily as it’s our only option available. They are working on a new tool to help with automatic payment and we can’t wait to install it on the platform.

Commission Fees

The website is FREE!

There’s no hidden fees!

There’s no limit of product you can add!

If you sell; its 3 % commission that will be reinvested in publicity / marketing / giveaway…

Example :

Product price 100$

Shipping 20$

Total : 120$

We Shop Canadian : 3$

Vendors :                    117 $

You can use the web site as a marketing tool for FREE !


We Shop Canadian have been built for Canadian Business ONLY.

You can sell everywhere in the world if you want, but only Canadian businesses can register as vendors.

Every time you sell something on the website,3% commission  will be reinvested to help the platform grow.

Together we can build something that finally makes sense.

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