Welcome to Skintensely Smooth™.  Banish dry, flaky skin! Non-toxic, simple ingredients and materials that leave you looking and feeling “SKINtensely Smooth.” These products are free from harmful synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances and toxins. Certified Organic and Certified Vegan ingredients are used wherever possible to provide quality, skin loving goodness. The Essential Oils infused are Certified Pure Tested, selected from lands where the plants are naturally grown, which ensures their efficacy and purity. And of course, added to the mix is the incredible exfoliating shower tool, appropriately named the Xf’eau~liate™.  

Worldwide Shipping. Prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD) Please note that once a shipping notification is sent to you, your order is being processed and cannot be changed or cancelled. Be sure to double check that your shipping address is complete and correct, so as to avoid undue delays and possible reshipping fees. *Separate orders will be shipped separately. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at lucy@skintenselysmooth.com Thank you.

Given the nature of the products and their being mostly handcrafted, body care items; returns, exchanges and refunds cannot be issued. Your satisfaction is very important to me. In the event that you receive the wrong order or an item arrives to you damaged or defective, please take a picture of the issue and contact me within 48hrs (2 days) of receiving your order and I will be happy to provide an exchange or store credit. As a result of the natural ingredients used in making these handcrafted, made to order products, slight variations in colour, consistency and aroma may occur from batch to batch. The quality of the product will not be compromised due to these variations. Body Butter —————- These butters are formulated without synthetic stabilizers or waxes, therefore they are sensitive to shifts in temperature; especially to heat. The quality and benefits of the body butter remain constant, but the texture and consistency may change. During very warm weather, body butters may soften or even melt in transit as they sit in warm delivery trucks, mailboxes or on front porches. **If ordering from a warmer climate, please note that melting is a possibility. Since it is impossible to control temperature and delivery methods, it is suggested to stock up during the cooler seasons. In case your body butter does arrive melted, you may refrigerate it to re-harden. You may also want to give it a quick whip with a hand blender to bring back the soft, fluffy texture. Xf’eau~liate™ ——————— You may notice some tiny pieces of the material when you first open the Xf’eau~liate™ Scrub package. Have no fear, it is not unraveling! As this item is hand cut, this is completely normal and does not affect the usability or effectiveness of the Scrub. The Scrub will soften up a little with regular use. Its firm texture maintains its effectiveness and longevity. Essential Oils —————— Pure tested/ Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are effective and potent. Skin irritation may sometimes occur if applied “neat”, that is undiluted, directly to the skin. Skintensely Smooth™ handcrafted products employs the benefits of Essential oils in combination with other natural ingredients, so that the products are adequately diluted to achieve the desired result. No artificial colours or artificial fragrances are used. The Essential oils are incorporated for their amazing properties and also to impart a natural scent. These products are to be used externally. While allergic reactions to natural, pure products are rare, please discontinue use should irritation occur. Please conduct a patch test before use if you have very sensitive skin. *If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult a physician before using products containing Essential Oils. Thank you for visiting and enjoy your order. Have a SKINtensely Smooth day!

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